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The pace of modern life is becoming faster and frantic. This is not without causing more emotional distress due to the tension and stress. Cases of depression, for example, have reached levels that can be described as epidemic. However, scientific research has proven that good nutrition and a varied supply of vitamins and phyto-nutrients are able to reverse this cultural trend. They are involved in many chemical reactions, enabling the use of all the nutrients absorbed. The needs in vitamins vary for each individual and depends on health, diet, activity, lifestyle (smokers for example, have their need in vitamin C increased). Vitamins are substances essential for life, not synthesized by the body and whose lack of supply leads to a deficiency syndrome.

It is untrue to believe that only a nutritional product can be effective in weight loss. Products developed specially for women specific problems such as menstrual disorders or troubles related to menopause. You're obviously a great asset to your company and they're lucky to have you working for them. We greatly appreciate your comments and feedback because it is the best way for us to enhance the quality of our products and services.

They are essential constituents of proteins they are also precursors for the synthesis of many organic molecules. Some changes due to aging are inevitable, but others can be controlled. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the best source of antioxidants, elements that can block the harmful effects of free radicals. It is then possible to use nutritional supplements to fight against the harmful free radicals. They are particularly distinguishable by their degree of unsaturation, ie according to the possible existence of one or more double bonds between two neighboring carbon atoms. Amino acids play multiple roles in our body and all contribute in one way or another, to its correct functioning.