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Face and skin care

We offer a full range of cosmetic products of pharmaceutical quality for skin and face. Whether to erase wrinkles and fine lines or erase stretch marks, or to treat acne, you will find safe and effective products developped by the best laboratories. You will find here the best products available on the market for healthy hair and nails It is very wise to know exactly the hormones level in our body to correct any imbalances. .

A protein is a blend of amino acids, long chain molecules there are animal proteins and vegetable proteins. They constitute the basic element of all living cells. They are the main component (the bricks) of our bones, muscles, skin, organs etc... They are also the basis of biological functioning. Proteins are necessary to growth and cell renewal. They also have an effect on the immune system, hormone synthesis, enzymatic reactions, and finally a significant role in energy. This particular blue-green algae is an excellent source of many minerals, and essential fatty acids. This is not honey or pollen it is the only one precious substance which feeds the queen bee in the hive. Royal jelly has attracted our attention because it is rich in amino acids, vitamins and other beneficial substances. It is used as medicine or as a beauty regenerator product.

Many people suffer from chronic sleep disorders and seek effective products to treat this problem. Many benefits are attributed to it by users such as: anti-aging agent, hormones stimulator, energizer, natural anti-depressant, cholesterol regulator and the list is far from over! Discover our range of royal jelly products "Nu Essentials" which is distinguished by the quality of its all natural ingredients. If you have a health problem, your body is probably too acidic. Other risk factors are lack of exercise, effects of drugs, tobacco, stress and alcohol. We offer a range of safe and effective products that help you fight against the effects of time on your sight.